Raj Volume Damper (RVD) / Self Locking Damper (SLD)
Patent Pending

Raj Volume Damper (RVD) is designed to increase the home comfort by effectively regulating the distribution of conditioned air among the air distribution system as per designed air flow rate.

To deliver almost 100% of the designed air flow rate, due to its unique design, Raj Volume Damper gets locked to any position, without the access of the wing nut, hence it will not only eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in the home but will also reduce the utility bills.

Along with normal installation during home construction, Raj Volume Damper Insert can also be installed even if the home construction is finished, without making any cavity in the drywall.
It can also be used to replace the conventional volume damper, if it is broken or rattling.

The other advantage of Raj Volume Damper, is that the home owner can himself perform the seasonal air balancing. During initial air balancing by the Air Balancing Technician, the winter and summer air flow rate will be marked on the each boot. By having these references, the home owner can perform the seasonal air balancing.

Advantages of Raj Volume Damper

  • It can be set to any position hence can deliver almost 100% of the design air flow.
  • Access to wing nut is not required.
  • Hot and cold spots will be eliminated.
  • Due to its unique design neither it will become loose nor will rattle.
  • Will reduce utility bills.
  • Home owner can perform the seasonal air balancing.
  • The lost balancing position during duct cleaning can be retrieved due to seasonal balancing markings on the boot.

Raj volume Damper is designed as an insert for video only it is assembled in a sleeve

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